solo and duo

Vessel Redux (2018), for percussion duo. Composed for Infinity Movement (Maria Anna Chlebus and Alex Georgiev). Duration: 8 min.

Bluest Best Moon
(2018), for solo piano. Commissioned by Brianna Matzke for The Response Project: Something Is Happening Here. Duration: 12 min.

(2016), for four-hands piano. Composed for HOCKET. Duration: 7 min. Request Score. Excerpt:

(2016), for solo double bass. Composed for Sam Suggs. Duration: 7 min. Request  Score. Excerpt:


Spine [solo percussion version] (2015). Composed for Yifei Fu. Duration: 5 min. Request Score.

Trying to Hold the World Together With Both Hands (2014), for violin and piano. Duration: 5 min. Request Score.

Rose (2014, rev. 2016), solo for Clavinet, synthesizer, and stereo playback. Duration: 7 min. Purchase Album (iTunes). Request Score. Excerpt:


Vessel (2012), for solo percussion and stereo playback. Duration: 2 min. Request Score. Full piece:


Tell hope everything you hear (2012), for prepared steel-string guitar and stereo playback. Composed for the 2012 highSCORE Festival. Duration: 4 min. Purchase Album (iTunes). Purchase Score. Excerpt:


Dear Master / I am ill (2012), for voice and piano. Duration: 4 min. Request Score. Full piece:


Pi, but only sometimes (2011), for solo basset horn. Composed for Ray Jackendoff. Duration: 6 min. Request Score. Excerpt:

Opiated Daydream (2011), for solo piano. Composed for John McDonald. Duration: 5 min. Request Score. Full piece: